Fortune Oil increases interest in China Gas Holdings Limited

Posted: 21st August 2014 08:57

The Company is pleased to announce that it has increased its interest in China Gas Holdings Limited ("China Gas") through an acquisition of 13,252,000 shares (the "Acquired Shares"). The shares were acquired from the China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec Corp.) as part of a share placement. The shares were acquired at a price of HK$14.80, a 5.1% discount to the closing price on the date the acquisition was made on 13 August 2014.
Due to logistical constraints on the date the acquisition was made, the Acquired Shares were allotted to First Level Holdings Limited ("FLH"), a substantial shareholder of the Company and private company controlled and beneficially owned by Mr Daniel Chiu, a Director of the Company.
The Board has acknowledged an arrangement between the Company and FLH, where FLH will transfer all the allotted shares at cost (i.e. no profit or loss) to the Company, at the earliest convenience. The Company will indemnify FLH against all costs associated with the acquisition, financing and transfer of any Acquired Shares. The transfer is expected to be executed in coming days.
The acquisition represents approximately 0.26% of the issued capital of China Gas. Upon transfer from FLH, the Company's interest in China Gas will be 934,745,463 shares, or approximately 18.62% of total issued shares of 5,021,048,561, per China Gas' most recent disclosure. This includes 737,374,000 shares already held by China Gas Group Limited, the joint venture company in which the Company has a 50 per cent interest, and 184,119,463shares already held directly by the Company.

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