Fenland Acquires Micronclean Jv

Posted: 7th July 2016 09:25

Historic Lincolnshire cleaning products business Fenland Laundries has acquired the remaining 50 per cent of its Micronclean joint venture.

Fenland was founded in 1877 and established Micronclean in 1980 with Berendsen Cleanroom Services Ltd.

It has acquired Berendsen's 50 per cent stake in Micronclean for an undisclosed sum and will now trade exclusively under the brand.

A statement from Fenland said: "The company’s decision to let go the historic Fenland name and to trade exclusively as Micronclean is a fitting tribute to the company’s evolution into the UK's technological market leader of industrial  workwear, laundry and cleanroom services, including the supply of cleanroom consumables.

"More importantly, it signposts Micronclean’s commitment to continue to build on this technological lead through its focus on innovation and to do so on a nationwide basis."

As part of the deal Berendsen has signed a distributor agreement will Micronclean.

Micronclean has also acquired Swindon-based counterpart Critical Environmental Solutions (CES).

Simon Fry, Micronclean chairman, said: "I am delighted that Micronclean and CES have come together. The high integrity and honesty that underpins the CES culture coupled with CES’s extensive knowledge of cleanroom products and customers means that there is a natural synergy between our two businesses."

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