Cambridge Cognition Holdings To List On Aim

Posted: 19th March 2013 08:51

CCH is a newly incorporated company established to acquire CCL in a share exchange arrangement with the current shareholders of Cambridge Cognition Limited ("CCL", and together, the "Group").
The Group develops and commercialises computerised neuropsychological tests for sale worldwide, principally in the United Kingdom (being its main country of operation), the US and Europe. CCL has two established product streams, CANTABelect (for clinical research and trials) and CANTABeclipse (for academic and other research).
A third product, CANTABmobile, an approved Class II medical device, was launched in the UK in May 2012. The product is currently marketed for use in primary healthcare settings in the assessment of memory loss relevant in the early stages of an incipient dementia of the Alzheimer's type. A second product for use in secondary care environments is in development.

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