Branning Group Acquires The Closer's Room

Posted: 12th October 2020 11:31

The Branning Group has acquired "The Closer's Room", a premium sales training organization based in Houston, Texas. "This partnership is a dream come true for our team, the team at Closer's Room, and most importantly it'll have a very positive impact on our clients," Alex Branning said.

The Branning Group will be launching a new company with the assets of The Closer's Room called Growth+. The new company will offer sales coaching, workshops, team training and informational courses. Alex Branning continues pursuing aggressive growth, purchasing the sales training company in all-cash deal.

"Alex Branning is a marketing powerhouse," Colby Amerine said, "and what his team brings to the table is unlike anything I've worked with in all my years of being an entrepreneur." Growth+ will be an agency of the future, with both Amerine and Branning predicting that entrepreneurs working independently and executives building teams are no longer satisfied with an outsourced team of marketers that don't speak sales, and vice versa. "If your marketer can't help you close, and your sales trainer can't generate leads, then you have to try and get both parties to work's incredibly frustrating, and completely unnecessary. Your sales and marketing need to be improving consistently, at a similar pace, and everyone should be working as a team!"

The rapid move to remote working gave Alex the push to accelerate the growth of the Branning Group. "As soon as the lockdown hit, and workers around America were forced to work from home, there was a distinct separation between the prepared and the unprepared. If you weren't ready for the digital-only world, your business crumbled in a few short months."

The Branning Group has had a very busy 2020, with the launch of Agent CRM and Social Magnet. Alex predicts the rapid growth curve isn't over yet: "The Branning Group is building rapidly, our clients are seeing unprecedented success and we have a lot of opportunities to grow. We've shown we'll invest in software, we invest in acquisitions and we'll continue investing as opportunities present themselves."

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