BillGO Acquires Prism

Posted: 16th October 2018 09:38

BillGO announces the strategic acquisition of Redmond, WA-based Prism. The top-notch team and award-winning app that has already paid $1B in bills on behalf of its customers will yield a considerable boost to BillGO’s real-time payments (RTP) biller network.

BillGO will leverage Prism’s existing network of over 11,000 billers for its customers, widening their already significant lead in the bill payments industry – providing the most advanced eBills (statements) and bill presentment platform.

Seamlessly integrating the largest real-time biller network in the U.S. into the BillGO FusePay™ product will bring data and control back to bill pay. This automated payment processing system provides more options to existing and future clients. Businesses and consumers benefit from the technology by providing payment choice – allowing consumers the ability to select payment type (i.e. bank account, biller networks, debit or credit card) and timeline (i.e. real time, same day or next day). BillGO’s platform is already being used by 25M+ consumers and businesses nationwide, fulfilling BillGO’s mission to relentlessly advance the U.S. payment system.

“There’s a difference between perception and reality in the payment space,” said Dan Holt, BillGO’s CEO. “With traditional bank bill pay, consumers make a payment and see money leave their account. That’s perception. The reality is, consumers don’t receive credit with the biller for 2-3 business days. With BillGO’s technology, payments happen in real time while maintaining the highest level of security.”

Holt added, “Our rapid growth is a clear indicator for the need to process payments in real time. Prism’s existing biller network is the fuel we need to get to the next level. A stellar team with extensive knowledge in the bill payment industry is a game changer. Stay tuned for more great things to come.”

The Prism app will continue with no interruption to users. The app and its team will continue to operate out of the Redmond, WA office. Learn more about Prism by BillGO at

About BillGO 
BillGO constantly creates and innovates past what exists. That drive powers the BillGO team to relentlessly advance payment systems to accelerate speed, efficiency and security. BillGO provides a simple integration into any existing system that gives payment providers access to a faster, proven bill payments engine. Learn more:

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