ARCH Global Precision Acquires LISI Medical Jeropa, Inc.

Posted: 18th January 2021 09:11

ARCH Global Precision (“ARCH”) has acquired LISI Medical Jeropa, Inc. (“LISI Jeropa”) located in Escondido, California. A subsidiary of LISI Medical, the Jeropa plant is a leading contract manufacturer of high-precision medical implants, instruments, and other devices serving a variety of segments in the orthopaedic, dental, and cardiovascular markets. The newly acquired plant and operations will join ARCH Medical Solutions (“AMS”), bolstering ARCH as a diversified supplier noted for growth and scale within the medical device market. The acquired facility features an impressive breadth of core competencies and provides a strategic location supporting contract manufacturing demands across the United States and beyond. These advanced competencies are highly complementary to the existing manufacturing capabilities at ARCH Medical Solutions locations across the country.

“LISI Medical Jeropa broadens the portfolio of products and end markets served by ARCH Medical Solutions,” said Paul Barck, President of ARCH Medical Solutions. “We are excited about this new location, which becomes ARCH Medical Solutions – Escondido, and the capable team that will be joining AMS. The added capabilities in micro-machining, tight-tolerance instrument assemblies, and operations that span prototype to production scale dovetail nicely with our growing customer base and medical device contract manufacturing service offerings.”

About ARCH
ARCH, a Jordan Company platform company based in metro Detroit, manufactures high-quality cutting tools, medical instruments and implants, and precision-machined components for a range of critical applications. ARCH has dozens of facilities strategically located across the country serving the medical, aerospace, defense, energy, semiconductor, surgical robotics, and progressive industrial markets. The teams at ARCH are metalworking professionals with industry-leading tight-tolerance manufacturing expertise. ARCH provides innovative and practical solutions to the complex manufacturing challenges of its customers.

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