Alpha Growth plc Acquires ALM

Posted: 18th July 2018 08:51

Alpha Growth plc, the financial services specialist in the growing Senior Life Settlement asset class is pleased to announce the acquisition of Alpha Longevity Management Limited.

The Company has, today, signed an agreement for the acquisition of ALM for total consideration of £1. ALM is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands under company number 1832422 and holds an Investment Business License issued by the BVI Financial Services Commission, which allows the company to arrange, advise and manage investments to qualified investors.

It has the added advantage of also being beneficial for the tax structuring of the Company's operations going forward. The acquisition is conditional, among other items, on obtaining approval by the BVI FSC for a change in control. As part of the consideration Alpha has agreed to assume any liabilities, owed by ALM at the time of the transaction, up to $5,000.

ALM was established by Mr. Gobind Sahney, CEO and Executive Chairman of Alpha. Mr. Sahney is a Director of ALM and also owns the majority of the shares, therefore the Board of Directors decided to establish a separate Investment Committee, which comprised Andrew Dennan, the Independent Non-Executive Director, and Rory Heier the Chief Financial Officer. A value of £1 was considered both fair and reasonable.

Rory Heier, member of the Investment Committee, commented:

"We are really pleased to announce the acquisition of ALM. Whilst the company has yet to commence trading it holds numerous benefits to Alpha going forwards and saves both time and money in incorporating a new company ourselves. In addition, the BVI FSC Investment Manager Licence provides us with a regulated entity that can conduct authorised business which is a key feature in global structured products and enhances the attraction and validity of Alpha's platform and product offering to institutional investors in longevity assets."

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