Aegis Group plc acquires Data2Decisions Limited

Posted: 1st August 2012 09:10

Aegis Group plc ("Aegis"), today announces that it has acquired Data2Decisions Limited ("D2D"), a UK-based, independent marketing effectiveness analytics consultancy. D2D's gross assets were £2.2 million as at 31 January 2012.
Since its establishment in 2001, D2D has grown to be one of the largest independent marketing effectiveness analytics consultancies in Europe. The business works with its clients to turn data into insight that informs marketing strategy. This includes assessment of pricing, promotions and the return on media investment. D2D's technology solutions, which can sit on clients' systems, enable actionable intelligence from the analytics to be used to optimise marketing decisions.
Nigel Morris, CEO, Aegis Media Americas & EMEA, said "Data is one of the key areas of competitive advantage in the convergent market. D2D has built an impressive, scaled business that complements and strengthens our existing data capabilities to drive even greater marketing insight and analysis.  We look forward to fully integrating D2D into our operating model to leverage their capability across all parts of our business for our clients." 

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