Addison Lee Acquires ComCab, Becomes London's Largest Taxi Firm

Posted: 17th June 2021 09:35

Addison Lee has closed a deal to acquire black cab operator ComCab and is set to become London’s largest private hire and taxi firm.

Under the terms of the deal, Addison Lee will purchase the London operations of ComCab, City Fleet Networks and Flightlink International from the ComfortDelGro Corporation.

The new combined company will have 7,000 vehicles in service and will be available to customers through one platform.

Addison Lee chief executive Liam Griffin said he was "sure there will be a few raised eyebrows at this deal given that Addison Lee and black taxis were once seen as competitors."

"However, the industry we operate in has changed and this alliance combines the two most professional companies in our sectors who share the same focus on quality of service, the customers we serve and the importance of the drivers."

Rudy Tan, chief executive of City Fleet Networks, said: "We are excited to be coming together with a strong brand like Addison Lee that shares many of our same values.

"By joining forces with Addison Lee, our customers will have access to a wider choice of premium transport solutions, and our Hackney Carriage drivers will get access to a growing pool of customers and more opportunities to work.2

Addison Lee is currently the market leader in London’s premium private hire, providing cars to 80% of FTSE 100 firms, although recently, it has been facing competition from growing companies such as Uber.

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