What Are The Hottest Technological Developments for 2015?

Posted: 7th January 2015 09:27

Guest Post
There’s no doubt that the technological advancements in many fields have taken many gadgets and devices to the next level. Many companies focus on making the life of the individual a lot easier, that’s why smartphones have so many features, with more incoming, that’s why smart TVs are updated and enhanced and even smart houses are starting to become a trend.

Microsoft's "Home Of The Future"

One of the targets that Microsoft aims to achieve in 2015 is a futuristic home, with all the basic needs an individual has: from the living room and the kitchen to a dining room, a bedroom, a den and even a foyer. Basically, Microsoft wants to illustrate how technology can be implemented in the daily routine, solving problems that people have around the house and in their lives. Here’s how the home of the future looks like: when you walk into the home, you are welcomed by “Grace”, your faithful guide for the house. People already started to submit infographics about the home of the future, which is a clear sign that this will be really popular.

She gives you an update with what happened around the house while you were away: from the time that your electric car has until its battery is full, to the grades your daughter had at the History test, the voicemail you have and so on. As you already figured out, everything is connected to the cloud and information is accessed by any device. This means that your house will be like an artificial intelligence, it will learn about your habits and routines and it can be taught to handle all the details of your home life. It can help you remember to take your medicine, it can close the doors when you live and even sound the alarm if something goes down. Even if this idea has been illustrated by many, Microsoft wants to make it affordable and usable by the average individual.

Intel’s Programmable Matter

It might seem extremely far-fetched, but programmable matter is something that people aim to develop for a while now. Intel has been researching the possibilities that technological developments might have in this sector for a couple of years. Basically, millions of tiny micro-robots are collaborating to take a particular shape based on the desire of the individual. The device will poses enough computing power to be programmable and take the shape of anything the user might need.

In theory, it is possible for your tablet, laptop or smartphone can change its shape and become something else. This can be seen in many quality infographics. Imagine having a bicycle and going around the city with it and when you are finished, you can shrink it and keep it in your pocket. It’s brilliant.

IBM's 12-Atom Memory Storage

Information is growing and growing and people need more powerful devices in order to store their information and transport it wherever they want. Usually, it takes about 1 million magnetically charged atoms to store a bit of data. IBM has managed to bring that number to only just 12. It’s a significant breakthrough because in the near future, the hard disk drives will be able to store 100 times denser storage capabilities.
To conclude, the future look amazing when it comes to all the technological developments that have been announced by companies from around the world. We live in a digital era and technology is starting to become part of our lives. How far will it go?

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