Three Types of Software That Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage

Posted: 15th June 2017 14:24

Businesses everywhere are looking for that special something that will give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Perhaps it’s a star hire that can revitalize the organization, or maybe it a new viral marketing campaign that will turn a niche business into a household name. Then again, star players are few and far between, as are blockbuster PR campaigns.
But there is another way companies can develop a competitive edge. By adopting the right kinds of software and technologies, you can shore up your internal operations. This, in turn, will allow more time, money and resources to be focused on delivering a consistent and positive customer experience.
Below are just a few of the types of software you can adopt to gain a competitive advantage as soon as possible.
Staying Safe with Cybersecurity
If you read the news regularly, you know there have been a slew of cybersecurity incidents that have threatened businesses of all sizes. From the Yahoo data breaches, to the Dyn hack; from the UK hospital attacks to black-market data dumps, the web has become a dangerous place for businesses.
This is troubling, because companies need the world wide web to reach and serve their customers. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to bolster your cybersecurity.
Start with antivirus and anti-malware software to protect your network from malicious programs and downloads. Next, set up detection software which will intercept and nullify harmful bot traffic on your sites and services. Finally, take advantage of a virtual private network (VPN) to obscure your online activities from prying eyes.
You’ll be amazed at how these simple tools improve your defenses against cybercrime.
Embracing Cloud ERP
What is enterprise resource planning and why is cloud ERP so important? Cloud ERP is a type of software that integrates core business process (such as planning, purchasing, inventory, marketing, manufacturing and sales) into a single platform. As you might expect, this makes internal collaboration much simpler since each team is given holistic visibility into an organization.
Without ERP, many companies suffer from isolated data which results in interrupted workflows, poor communication and a diminished customer experience. Why would you continue this trend when you can have real-time resource planning?
Of course, the cloud makes this process even more streamlined by allowing data to be pulled to authorized personal computing devices and updating in real time. Not to mention that cloud-based solutions are easier to implement, cheaper to scale and quicker to see a robust return on investment. Some platform providers even offer pre-built “objects” to manage ERP for various sectors.
Keep in Touch with Collaboration Software
Communication is key to the success of any organization, which is why more and more businesses are investing in collaboration software. These tools range from video conferencing systems to corporate instant messaging platforms.
Each offers its own unique twist on communication, so be sure to examine each one to determine what is best for your teams. Will virtual face-to-face meetings over video make for better collaboration or are your teams camera shy? Are you looking to nix the cluttered inbox in favor of task-orientated communications? Collaboration software can do that too.
It might take a little experimentation to find the perfect balance, but in the end, you’ll be glad you made the change.
So, if you want to strengthen your business without spending a load of cash, software improvements might be the way to go. Remember that advancement starts at home, so to speak. By focusing on and adopting the tools and services you need, you can dramatically enhance your operations for years to come.