Startup Financing Methods Most People Don’t Consider

Posted: 25th November 2014 10:54

Guest Post
There are various financing methods that are available at the moment for startups but the truth is that most people out there are not actually prepared for opening a company. Make sure that you never open a company until you have the necessary knowledge. During your research process, you would end up learning about financing. While the classic methods are always presented, those below are rarely considered. It is important that you know all that you can about the options available so consider them.
Using Retirement Accounts
Most people do not actually know that they can take money from retirement accounts. This is possible as a loan. In most cases you would not repay with an interest if you repay the loan in a specific amount of time. However, we are talking about retirement money so you need to be sure that you only use it when you are sure that the business will be successful.

Peer To Peer Lending
There are various websites online that offer funding. P2P loans are very good as you get a money based on how long it is, the current state of the economy, credit story and some other facts of interest. You can practically receive a good amount of money but these loans are quite difficult to obtain. Also, interest rates can be quite high.

Crowfunding Money
There are many crowfunding campaigns launched every single day. In fact, one less mentioned financial mistake startups make is not considering crowdfunding. To put it simple, you get money to invest in the cause you have in exchange for a final product or service. Donors can give you as much as you want. Some of the most successful startups actually started through a crowdfunding campaign. A great site to consider is IndieGoGo but there are many others.

If you have a good idea and you only need a small amount of money, you should consider taking out a small loan. The first time business manager usually thinks about large capital when all that is really needed is a small amount. Try to figure out how much you need and consider microfinancing options of under $10,000 that come from various specialized organizations.

If you cannot obtain funding through other mentions, you can always try to win the amounts. According to Monetary Library, there are many national and regional competitions that go on all around the world and that would offer prizes for the best business plans, those that are created well or those that have a huge potential. You can take advantage of this and obtain all the funding you need for your startup.

A part of the money that is needed would naturally go towards physical items. With this in mind, you can swap services or products instead of money. As a simple example, if you run a PR agency, you can offer PR services for the furniture that you would use in your office. Bartering is a tremendous way to make small companies go forward while saving a lot of money. 



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