Maximizing the Potential of Your New ERP

Posted: 31st August 2017 08:37

Enterprise Resource Planning is a vital aspect of every business. Whether you do it with a deal of people alone, or a team in conjunction with software, you want to make to most of it to maximize efficiency and overall business health. The automation potential alone is one of the best aspects of a great ERP solution, but many businesses aren’t milking their ERP for all it’s worth. To learn how to get the most out of your ERP, read on.
Unfortunately, most businesses that get a new ERP system fail to realize all of its potential benefits. These are complex systems, so you can understand how there might be not a single person in an entire company who understands all of the functionality of a new system.
To prevent this unfortunate situation (wasting functionality is never a good thing), you should carefully research your new ERP before even thinking about buying it. Each option is a major investment, and your company should only spring for one or the other after careful consideration. Ideally, you’ll know exactly how it works before it even goes online.
This requires some person or people to research all of the options in the marketplace before proceeding to a new contract. When you first look at the market competition, it may seem that each option is completely identical. This may be true when you consider only the major functions of these systems. But when you look a little deeper, you’ll find that they are, in fact, quite different, each appealing to a different sort of company function and culture.
Once you’ve selected your new ERP, it’s important to focus on training those who will go on to use it. People may prefer an old method, simply because it is like second nature after months or years of constant use. Even if the new system is better or more efficient, people will likely avoid using important aspects of the system. Train until everyone is on board, fluent in the aspects of the ERP they will use every day, and able to train others.
Don’t fail to update your ERP, as this is the only way to maximize its use cases in the long term. This will also work out bugs, streamline processes, and otherwise keep your company up to the minute in its best practices. You’d be surprised how many companies get an ERP, only to let it sit un-updated until it breaks or is old enough to be replaced. It’s hard to service an ERP that is half obsolete, so keep those updates coming.
If you follow all of these steps, you will find that many people in your company will have mastered the new ERP. This will make business more efficient and well-structured. In the end, the ERP is just a tool. It can be used effectively or poorly, it just depends on the knowledge and experience of the people who use it. Don’t skimp on the decisions that will make your ERP more than just a new system that makes a couple of decent changes. Unlock its true potential!