How to Climb a Competitive Corporate Job Ladder

Posted: 9th December 2014 10:51

When it comes to getting ahead there are a few key elements in the mix of how to climb the ladder, especially for those who work in a competitive work environment.

The keys to doing so are to consider a task specialisation where you can maximize your personal utility, leading projects, and to continue learning and growing.

Generalist vs. Specialist

In some environments it is great to know a bit about everything, but the truth is that unless you have something that you do that others cannot, or will not, you are replaceable.

This can include having a large number of contacts, a certification that is necessary for the work being done, or knowledge of website development.

The key is to become a specialist in something, and then deepen your knowledge in that area.

Project Management Goes a Long Way

Employers are looking for people who will take charge, because those are the next leaders. If you can run a project from start to finish while providing updates along the way, then you will be noticed in a positive light.

In the average work environment, most people sit back and get carried along for as long as they can. If you are in a competitive environment, then the best thing you can do is form a team of the best people so that your projects are as productive as they can be.

In addition to forming a team of superstars, you should also seek to mentor someone. This will help you while also displaying the depth of your leadership.

Leaders are Readers

For some, continuing their time at university is still available, and if it is, then getting an advanced degree can help you stand out, especially if you can exercise your new contacts profitably.

For others, more school is not the answer, but that does not mean learning should take a backseat to work. On the contrary, your work needs to be complemented with a constant influx of learning that will help you bring new ideas into the marketplace.

Great books to read include those in leadership, like Nolan Bushnell's Finding the Next Steve Jobs, leadership, such as William Manchester's The Last Lion, and psychology, which would include anything by Dr. Rob Pascale.

In a competitive environment climbing the corporate ladder can be done, but it will take specialisation in a key area where the business needs leadership. From there you must manage an important project while leading others. During this process, you must improve upon your education.

Doing so will make a tremendous difference!

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