General Information About AngularJS Development

Posted: 22nd December 2014 12:07

AngularJS, also known as Angular, is an open-source framework for web application development. This JavaScript MVC framework is created and maintained by Google and a group of individual developers. AngularJS is the best choice for creating one-page applications. It provides a rich set of components necessary for building great apps. The main aim of this framework is to simplify the development and testing of web applications.
AngularJS makes the life of developers easier. It allows developing well-structured and easily testable apps without putting much effort.  Angular comes with a rich and tightly-integrated toolset that makes it easier to create properly-structured and rich client-side web apps. Moreover, this frameworks offers a great flexibility. With AngularJS you can also develop powerful dynamic templates and your own directives.
One more essential advantage of AngularJS is its high level of flexibility towards server communication. The framework allows working with any server-side technology. Moreover it can serve the applications through a  RESTful web API. At the same time, it provides services on top of XHR, which in turn,  allows to significantly simplify the code.
To define user interface of the created application, AngularJS uses HTML. Since HTML is very intuitive and declarative, it it gives better options for developing UI than when developing it with JavaScript. In addition, an interface created with HTML is much easier to reorganise than the UI written in JavaScript.
Perhaps one of the main reasons why many web developers choose AngularJS, is that it allows writing less code. There is no need writing your own MVC pipeline. Generally, the view is defined with HTML that is more precise.
Though AngularJS is a very powerful tool and has numerous advantages over JavaScript, not all web applications can be developed using this framework. It is ideal for developing  generic web application, but is less powerful when it comes to developing complicated math programs or games.
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