Four Outsourcing Mistakes That Too Many Startups Make Right Now

Posted: 1st December 2014 11:30

The one thing that is highly important when you open a startup is money. It is really important that you make money and that you save as much money as possible. Outsourcing promises to help us achieve just that. It can optimize efficiency, which is highly valuable for a company. When thinking about outsourcing or not, in the vast majority of cases, for a startup, the solution lies in outsourcing.

No matter what you do, if you want to outsource as a startup, do not make the mistakes below. This would lead to various possible problems.

Outsourcing What Should Not Be Outsourced

It is so attractive to outsource since cheap labor makes it seem that you save money. However, being careful is important because critical tasks should never be outsourced. We have services that can be outsourced at all times like call centers and services that you need to be really careful with, like content creation for a website. Never outsource marketing strategies, development, data entry or graphic design. This would be a mistake.

Not Considering English Proficiency

This is one of the most common mistakes that are done when referring to startups and outsourcing. Business managers are tempted to hire based on the technical skills that are listed but they rarely think about English proficiency. You need to consider this, even with the 3 jobs that the startup should always outsource.

Making this mistake can easily lead to incorrectly performed tasks, miscommunication and a poor overall company representation. Instead of thinking about the various results that were brought in the past and technical skills, talk with the considered employee for at least 30 minutes. Consider grammar, spelling and typing speed. These need to be suitable for the team you set up at the moment.

Not Testing The Staff Enough

When you outsource, there is always the possibility that the freelancer/company will disappear. With this in mind, you should not train a person from the start and risk that there will be a no-show after a short period of time.

A really simple way to see if the new staff is in it for the long run is to ask them to set up a new WordPress blog. Most of the people that live in other countries do not know how to do this. However, the amount of information that is available online is huge. You can so easily find all the steps you have to take online. If the freelancer gets the task done, he/she is most likely interested in long term work.

Not Rewarding The Good Work Done

The entrepreneur naturally has to let go of some tasks and entrust responsibilities to some employees. Something like this is scary and difficult when you assign work to someone working overseas. The problem is that when you do not do this, you may actually lose the employee and your company will not grow as fast as it could. There are countless examples of outsourcing done right. For instance, Financial Tips outsources parts of the management takes in order for the management team to work on something else.

Regularly offer raises and when good work is done, reward it. One tip of $100 in one month will automatically build loyalty. The employee will love working for you and will know that the salary will grow, which is important for every person out there. If you do not reward the good work done, the employee will eventually disappear.


Startups do have to seriously consider outsourcing since this can help them out a lot. However, there is a good way to do this and a bad way to do this. Too many managers make the mistakes that were highlighted above. Avoid them and the possibility of success in your outsourcing strategy will be much higher.



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