Cemtrex's Chairman & CEO, Saagar Govil, Interviewed by The Wall Street Analyzer

Posted: 7th January 2015 10:16

Recently, Saagar Govil, Chairman & CEO of Cemtrex, a leading environmental technology company was recently interviewed by The Wall Street Analyzer following the companies announcement of record sales and net income of $47,653,114 and $2,668,886 respectively. 

Highlights from the interview include: 

WSA: What are some of the drivers behind the company's recent [Q4] results which were particularly strong?

Saagar Govil: We finished our fiscal year with about 47 million in sales which was up from about 13.5 million the previous period. It's been a big dramatic jump in sales and that's largely because we acquired a much larger company than us last October, which is the electronics manufacturing business. In addition to that we've also seen strong organic growth in our business.

There's been a strong demand internationally to implement different types of environmental technologies and equipment. We are continuing to see strong demand for these products that we offer.

WSA: What are some of the key trends that you are seeing right now in your sector, and how are you positioning the company to capitalize?

Saagar Govil: Recently the US and China came to an agreement about cutting different types of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, and this is the big initiative because previous efforts on the international forum were sort of hindered because China and the US could not come to an agreement. This new agreement really marks a new precedence in overall environmental controls efforts.

As these two major economies start to adopt more and more technology and there's a growing awareness in China, and India, and Southeast Asia, where there's so much growth happening, that we're going to see consistent growth for our business because we sell directly into those markets. Almost 90% of our environmental technology business comes from overseas […] so as that market continues to flourish because of the growing demand for healthier environments for the local population, we're able to sell into those markets. So, we're excited about those opportunities for the next couple of years.

On the electronics manufacturing business for us we sell heavily into the medical devices space. […] And one of the key trends that's really happening right now is medical device manufacturers are seeing growth in sales due to innovation and technology but also because there's new patients in America under the new Affordable Healthcare Act.

As new patients are able to undergo different types of procedures that they couldn't pay for before, medical device manufacturers are able to increase those sales. And we sell directly into the OEMs because the electronics are a major component of these products and as a result we're seeing, we have several OEMs who are key strategic players in this market and as their sales continue to grow our sales will continue to grow.

WSA: And do you believe that the Cemtrex message and upside potential are completely understood and appreciated by that financial community and if not, what do you wish investors better understood about your company?

Saagar Govil: I think as we continue to tell our story that different types of investors will see what we're doing and continue to buy into what we're doing. I think we've also demonstrated a commitment to building shareholder value, and I think sometimes it's not so easy to see just from looking at a financial statement or a press release. If you looked at the return on equity and the fact that we were able to do a massive deal without any dilution, shareholders can really appreciate that. We've able to grow so rapidly without compromising their holding in the company. I think if were go get that across, that message would be what I would want to convey the most, is that we're committed to driving shareholder value and I think the results over the last 12 to 18 months really demonstrate that. We're looking to continue doing more of that over the next 12 months and beyond.

WSA: Before we conclude to recap some of your key points, why do you believe investors should consider the company as a good investment opportunity today? What else can investors look forward too?

Saagar Govil: Well, we delivered about 2.6 million in earnings that I think were based on the market cap, if you look at comparable companies; we are certainly undervalued with that respect. We've been able to achieve significant growth and I think over the next two to three years we're going to continue to try to repeat that process and really grow, and that's what we demonstrated in the past and that's what we're committed to doing in the future. As shareholders go through our reports and really look at the company in our whole entirety, they'll be pleased with what they see and what we can do here.

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